As always, the activities vary and are planned so everyone can participate. You can play a fun game with your colleagues or battle with the other institutes or just have chat in the sun with a cold beer at BASECAMP.

On this page you will find more information about the various activities.

We have divided the options into three categories:

Sign up for teams open 12th June 2019. You will receive an e-mail with more information when the time comes.


Do you want to relax in the sun and take a break with your colleagues? At BASECAMP, you can enjoy music, eat cake and fruit, have a cold beer, a cup of coffee or whatever you like.


This year we have prepared a new kind of music experience during the afternoon. Three different upcoming artists will together with a hardcore band play the newest tunes for you.

Chose this as a part of your activities in the third module. we will keep you updated with different samples when the sign-up for team opens.




Beware of the pointy tip and make sure to have a great aim. The rules are that you have to play your way down from 501 points to exactly 0 - which means your math skills are also needed for this game.


Crockett has existed for centuries. King and queens have played this game as a fun break during the summer time. The teams have two balls each and the game is a race around a circuit of hoops in the correct order. The first team to get both of their balls through the hoops in order and hit the peg is the winner.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a game of physical and mental skills. Built on the simple premise of stacking blocks, the teams take turns to remove a block from a tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses. Make sure to have a steady hand.


This game is a similar version of the viking game. So, are you a precise thrower? In Mölkky you need to make sure to knock down the right pins. The pins are numbered, so the team to reach exactly 50 wins. Beware though, if you don’t knock down any pins in three tries, you’re out.

The Brain Twister

If you choose The Brain Twister as an activity you will need to have inductive skills. You need to put together smaller pieces in the right way and the team that assembles the most, wins. This means your team need to be able to see the big picture and recognize patterns.

Hit the Nail

You may have seen it at town festivals, in the pub, or at a garden party. And there is much more to this than just muscles. Precision and technique are highly necessary. In this activity, you must compete against other teams by hitting a giant nail into a wooden stump with a hammer. The team with the least number of strokes wins.

Ladder Golf

This cozy lawn game is easy and makes for a lot fun. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas - two golf balls connect with rope - around the steps of the ladder and earn exactly 21 points. The ladder consists of 3 steps, a top, middle and a bottom step.

Water Balls

Do you want to walk on water? A water ball is a huge ball that you enter and stay inside! Enjoy the silence and the rocking of the waves or just go nuts. In all cases, it is an experience that you probably have not tried before and that you undoubtedly will remember.



Bumball requires a lot of overview and fun movements! All players will be equipped with vests of velcro. This is so that the players can catch the ball without using their hands. Players need to catch the ball with whatever body part comes first. This ball game gives players with less ball skills the perfect opportunity to participate.

Bumper Balls

Do you want to play a game of football wrapped in an airbag? The classic game of football is challenged and gives you the opportunity to do crazy tricks during the game. You are entirely protected by the bumper ball!

Disc Golf

Do you want to move around without getting too exhausted while at the same time competing against your colleagues? Then disc golf is the perfect match for you. Disc golf is played using rules similar to traditional golf, but the golf clubs and balls are replaced by special frisbees, the so-called golf discs.

Handicap Rounders

You know the game from your preschool days, but in this version of Rounders all players have a “handicap”, which makes the game fun and challenging. So if you want to compete and laugh at the same time your team should choose Handicap Rounders.


Are you fast on your feet, do you have a firm throw or are you just up for a good laugh and a fun game? Then sign up for dodgeball. Here, two teams compete by trying to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves by the opponent’s ball.

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is a less physical version than the traditional Rugby. The players don’t tackle each other, but only needs to touch the other player on any part of the body, clothes or the ball. So, if you fancy a new twist from traditional Rugby, this is the sport for you.


Do you want to feel your pulse and practice your serv? Does your department fancy high pace and the chance to challenge other departments in a sports activity? Then register your team for volleyball and fight the other teams every inch of the way!