You’re invited

Are you ready to challenge your colleagues from all over ST, celebrate each other and have fun with the other institutes?

Be ready 23rd August 2019 at Navitas in Aarhus! As usual the admission will be free for all from ST.

We have prepared all the activities so everyone can join in. The activities are divided into the categories FRIENDLY COMPETITION and SPORTS ACTIVITIES, where some of the activities are the same as last year and others are new. This means you can challenge last year’s winner or become the new champion. SOCIAL RELAXATION is for everybody and can be combined with the activities when making your teams programme.

When the sun sets, we will gather at BASECAMP for ST AWARD SHOW, sweet music, delicious food, cold drinks and lots of “hygge”.

On this website you can get an overview of what is as last time and what is new about ST SUMMER HANGOUT. This year we have given ST SUMMER HANGOUT a twist of sustainability.

We look forward to seeing you all!